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Hello everyone and welcome to the Young'Uns livejournal

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Sep. 21st, 2010 | 06:36 pm
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posted by: innuendopolice in youngunsproject

Hello, Grace here
Basically I just wanted to welcome you guys to this livejournal account for the project and explain a little bit about what it's for.
In short, it's for communication. Of course tumblr's a great way to communicate, but seeing as we should be having some beta and alpha readers this is a great way to post a chapter or a piece up if you're struggling with it/you don't know how to continue. That way your alpha/beta reader can quite easily comment on it, or, if you just want a general consensus then all of the members of the lj can help you out!
Also you guys can post you progress on your fanfics and tell us how you're getting on, if you're enjoying it, favourite parts you've already written, or if you're having any sort of plot difficulty or have a question then you can post it here and either Natalie or myself, or anyone in the group can answer.

Natalie and myself hope you enjoy the project, and hope you get a lot out of it... and we also hope there's a lot of really good fic produced from it as well!

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